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2024 Student Art Exhibit Additional Entries

Jasmine Jewelry Wire and beads Zoey Ogle.jpg

"Jasmin" Zoey Ogle, Senior, Burris High School, Jewelry Wire & Beads

Metamorphase, Hannah Swanson 3D dELTA.jpg

"Metamorphose" Hanna Swanson, Senior, Delta High School, 3-D Ceramic

York Minster Amelia Seitz Water color Burris.jpg

"York Minster" Amelia Seitz, Senior, Burris High School, Watercolor

Prosperity dutsika Campa Acrylic   Burris.jpg

"Prosperity" Dutsika Campa, Senior, Burris High School, Acrylic

A Gaze at the Gallery Hannah Swanson Oil Paint Delta.jpg

"A Gaze at the Gallery" Hannah Swanson, Senior, Delta High School, Oil

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