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Susie Burns Memorial Scholarship

Reed Talbot, a Delta High School senior, and art student is the recipient of the 2022 Susie Burns Memorial Scholarship Award.

2022 Scholarship award winner Reed Talbot.jpg

Reed won First Place and Best of Show for the 2D drawing he submitted to the 2022 Young Artists Exhibit held at the Cornerstone Center of the Arts in Muncie, Indiana, on May 20, 2022. He also received a $250.00 scholarship from the Muncie Artist Guild (MAG) and one-year membership to the organization.

MAG Scholarship Committee Chair, Karen Fisher, and committee members, Chic Elbert and Sheila Piazza judged the competition. Also present at the event was MAG president, Lylanne Musselman.

Congratulations to Reed and his teacher, Ms. Fuller.

MAG is proud to sponsor and promote the annual Muncie Young Artist Exhibition (YAE). The current scholarship program was reestablished in 2015 by former MAG President Karen Fisher to support, encourage, and to award our Susie Burns Memorial Scholarship to a high school upperclassman, a junior or senior art student, who reside in East Central Indiana.

The YAE sponsor team also includes PrimeTrust Federal Credit Union and Cornerstone Center of the Arts. Each year student artists’ submissions are accepted with encouragement and involvement from their teachers and schools. Entries are judged by the MAG Scholarship Committee. The awards include several cash prizes.

Student artists and their teachers residing in greater Delaware County may submit art in a variety of mediums including 2D and 3D pieces of artwork. The top 25 pieces are displayed in Cornerstone’s Judith Barnes Memorial Gallery Muncie Young Artist Winner’s Reception featuring the winners of the Muncie Young Artist Exhibition and presented by PrimeTrust Federal Credit Union.



Philanthropic Works


June 14, 2019

It is the pleasure of Muncie Artists Guild to present this mural of Beneficence to Ball State honoring the University’s 100th year Anniversary. The mural dimensions are 9'x6' and is comprised of 24 panels painted by 18 artists each with their own unique style and interpretation of the subject matter.


Sadly, one of our oldest and dearest members, who also painted a panel, passed away on Sunday, June 9th at the age of 91. We would like to dedicate this mural in memory of our dear friend, Sylvia LaRue. She was loved by all for her kindness, sense of humor, artistry, sass and was a true delight to know.


In honor of Ball State University and in memory of Sylvia LaRue and to the people of our community, we offer this mural as a token of our appreciation and thankfulness.

Participating Members:

  • Beam-Hindman, Alison

  • Corbin, Carla

  • Elbert-Valezco, Chicqiela

  • Fisher, Karen

  • Gossett, Joanne

  • Guntle, Liz

  • Heatherly, Tom

  • Hoyt, Maggie

  • LaRue, Sharon

  • LaRue, Sylvia

  • McCauley, Jean

  • Mueller, Barbara

  • Musselman, Lylanne

  • Nelson, Joan

  • Palumbo, Jill

  • Sharp, Beth

  • Sparks, Pati

  • Stephens, Marta

The above mural was created by Guild members and presented to the City of Muncie in honor of the city's centennial celebration.


The mural dimension are 9'x6' and comprised of 24 18"x18" sections; each section was painted by a different Guild member and then assembled. The mural is on display in City Hall.

Participating Members:

  • Burns, Susie

  • Brown, Deborah

  • Clark, Ann

  • Cougill, Misty

  • Deeter, Kathy

  • Elbert-Velazco, Chicquiela

  • Garringer, Beverly

  • Garringer, Nona

  • Guntle, Liz

  • Heatherly, Tom

  • Hoyt, Maggie

  • Johnson, Ann

  • LaRue, Sharon

  • LaRue, Sylvia

  • McCauley, Jean

  • Moore, Caryn

  • Nelson, Joan

  • Palumbo, Jill

  • Shiroka, Carolyn

  • Warner, Mary

  • Wilson, Michele

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