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Mazelle Rollins

Reflecting 20 years’ experience in graphic design and screen printing. Mazelle’s focus is on color through expression in a variety of mediums including serigraph printing, oil painting, and watercolor. Some interests include ceramics, portrait painting, and writing.


Mazelle taught design at Stan Nossett’s school of design, and Inspire Academy, and is a graduate of Ball State University. Her work has been displayed at Minnetrista Cultural Center, Muncie IN, and Glendale Gallery in Glendale, OH.

M Rollings  All Eyes Watching (1).JPG
MRolllings  AKA Fawn StarJPG.JPG

All Eyes Watching 34" x 28" Oil on Canvas

AKA Fawn Start 24" x 18" Oil on Canvas

2021 MAG Annual Show Award Recipient

MRollings  An Untitled Inside (1).JPG

An Untitled Inside 32" x 28" 

2nd Place & Merchant Award,  Mixed Media

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