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Madelyn Heskett

Madelyn Heskett is a Muncie, Indiana, based fused glass artist. She grew up with creative parents and grandparents who always encouraged her to find unique ways to express herself. As a young child, Madelyn won several local community art awards. Inspired by her grandmother’s glasswork, Madelyn began fusing in 2011 and creates jewelry, decorative, and functional fused glass pieces. It is her mission to spread joy and love through her artwork in a truly meaningful way.

Madelyn’s passion for creating has bloomed into a custom artwork business called Made by Madelyn - specializing in fused glass artwork and handmade greeting cards. Madelyn sells her art at local art festivals and craft fairs as well as through her online website.

Madelyn is a lifelong learner earning her undergraduate and graduate degrees from Ball State University in 2016 and 2022. She lives in Muncie and enjoys traveling, spending time outdoors, and playing with her dogs.





2022 MAG Annual Show Award Recipient

2022 M Heskett Paeonia Fused Glass.jpg

Paeonia - 3-D Fused Glass 
2nd Place


2022 M Heskett Suncatcher Fused Glass .JPG

The Beauty of the Place I Call Home 3-D Fused Glass, 3rd Place

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