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Karen Fisher

Karen Fisher moved to Muncie in 1972 as a Ball State freshman majoring in art education.  Just as her graduation goal came into sight, and her plan to exit Muncie was forming, she met Paul Fisher, a native of Muncie; the rest (as they say) is history. Paul and Karen have been married for 37 years and have one daughter, Elizabeth.

Karen finished her undergraduate degree in 1976 in art education and completed her master’s degree in education in 1990. She taught reading in the Anderson schools before going to work at Gordy’s Art Mart. In 2003 Karen and Paul purchased the business from the Gordys’ and renamed it, simply, Art Mart. Art Mart is a successful art materials business in the BSU “Village”. Karen is a Certified Art Material’s Retailer by NAMTA, an International Art Materials Association.

As an artist, Karen likes to paint and draw.  “I love stuff! Often I paint or draw what is on my studio table. Recently I have enjoyed drawing and painting architectural components. In particular, I have been very interested in corbels, molding, and fancy bric-a-brac on old Victorian homes. Living in a 125-year-old home allows me to appreciate the work that went into all the beautiful decoration on many of the old homes.“


Karen Fishers Melissa's on Main (1).jpg

Melissa's on Main, pastels.

2022 MAG Annual Show Award Recipient

2022 K Fisher Court House Wheat.jpg

Court House Wheat - Pastels

Honorable Mention

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