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James Hilleson

I am a retired Lutheran Pastor who has in recent years discovered I enjoy woodworking.  I've always done a bit of elementary woodworking, like plant hangers, tv stands & craft items. 


Since retirement, I've found I enjoy designing and cutting out jigsaw puzzles.  My wife finds interesting puzzle designs on the internet and says, "Here, can you do that?" This challenge spurs my creativity and encourages me to keep cutting.  From simple 4-piece puzzles for nieces and nephews, to more complicated designs, I work the scroll saw to hew out fun and creative puzzles to share and, in the future, to sell.


I've made a number of bookshelves and small tables in the last year and enjoy wood working projects for home and family. Not having all the woodworking tools, I also rely on other friends and woodworkers to do some fine sawing for me. 


The Garden Bench was constructed for the Muncie Arts Guild fund raising auction in 2023 and is made of recycled fence boards.  More woodworking to come!

James Hileman elephant puzzle.jpg
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