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Heidi Hinrichs Hilleson

I have been an artist, creating in many different mediums my entire life.  I began sewing as soon as I could thread a needle at age five.   My interest throughout life has been creating textile hangings and as a professional seamstress, designing and making bridal gowns, dresses for mother and others and tailoring men’s suits.  I love to knit, crochet, quilt and tat and have an antique spinning wheel from a Hutterite community in Montana.  I’ve written and illustrated children’s books for family and kids.

I began using colored pencil, my favorite medium, 30 years ago, but in the last 4 years have gotten serious about stretching my skills and taking on artistic challenges.  The last two years I have delighted in drawing inspiration from the birds and flowers in my flourishing garden.  I’ve focused my energies on creating an artwork series entitled “Women of the World,” calling attention to peace and justice issues that challenge women from all walks of life. 

I did an art show at the Moontree Art Gallery in rural Plymouth, Indiana in January 2023 and have also displayed art around Muncie.

My artwork can be viewed on my Instagram account at mamamayiartwork 

Netherlands Windmill, 16" x 20" Color Pencils

2023 MAG Annual Show Award Recipient

Recipient of a Merchant Award from Identity Salon

H Lilleson Be Brave Be Free.jpg

Be Brave, Be Free, Color Pencils

1st Place. Drawing

Heidi The Hat.jpg

Walking Flowers, Color Pencils

2nd Place.  Drawing

Heidi Big Hat.jpg

The Hat, Color Pencils

3rd Place. Drawing

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