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Chicqiela Elbert-Velazco

Chicqiela Elbert-Velazco is a retired teacher who taught art at Anderson Community School Corporation from 1976 to 2006. She also worked as a substitute art teacher for 10 years and two years as an adjunct art professor at Anderson University. She continues to teach art classes for nonprofit organizations on occasion. She is currently devoting more time to creating her own art in her home studio located in Alexandria, IN. She is influenced by her rural surroundings and animals and prefers drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, and lampwork glass beads to create her images.



Show White, Pencil

Chicqiela graduated from Wes-Del High School in Gaston, IN in 1969. She went to Ball State University in 1969 to study art and earned her BS degree in Art Education in 1973 and her MS degree in 1977. She has shown her art in numerous shows and galleries in Indiana and received awards. She received two Eli Lilly Teacher Creativity Grants to study how cultures influence arts in 1995 and for purchasing printmaking supplies and an etching press in 2005.

“Art should be unique and reflect an artist’s personal eccentricities and cultural influences.”

2022 MAG Annual Show Award Recipient

2022 Chic Woodland Totum.jpg

Woodland Totem, Photography

1st Place and Merchant Award

2022 Chic Frog baby.jpg

Frog Baby, Mixed Media

2nd  Place 

2022 Chic ball jar photo.jpg

Ball Jars and Glass Beads, Photography

Honorable Mention

Frottage Collage of Masks, Drawing

3rd Place - Photo Pending

2021 MAG Annual Show Award Recipient


Zzzzz, Photography

1st Place 

chic Fottage of Masks.jpg
Chic Canoeing on the White River.JPG

Canoeing on the White River, Photography

Honorable mention 

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