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Allison Kruer

Allison Kruer lives in Anderson, Indiana and she can most likely find her in her home art studio creating something. While maturing over the years, she has learned two things that stand out the most.


First, if she did not like a medium in her younger years, she gave it another try because she may love it. An example of this is metalsmithing. Allison hated metalsmithing when she first worked with it at 18. The second, is to always be creative. There was a time in her life when she did not feel her creativity was important. Now Allison finds she is a much happier person when her hands are dirty with pastel dust and she makes noise hammering in the studio.


She enjoys working in pastels, metals such as copper and silver, acrylic paint, drawing, and wet felting, which is something completely new and interesting to her. The wool comes from her cousin’s Shetland sheep farm, and she looks forward to the possibilities.


Kruer  THE WINNER_pastel_30.jpg

The Winner, Pastels

Kruer  SUNNY SUNFLOWER Brooch_copper and silver metals_4.jpg

Sunny Flowers Brooch

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