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Liz Guntle

Liz Guntle was told since she was a young child that she was an artist. She excelled in art classes and won a National Scholastic Art Award in high school. She studied ‘commercial art’ for two years in college, married and began a family, and later completed a degree in Art Education. She was blessed to teach elementary/middle school art in Catholic schools, retiring from St. Lawrence School in 2018. She looks forward to exploring her own artmaking again.

She loves art made by kids with its energy and focus on color, line, and shape. She has been influenced by the work of the post-Impressionists and employs some abstraction in her own work. She is seduced by color but is also drawn to line. Current themes she would like to explore are pastoral landscapes, nature, and faces. Guntle is primarily a painter but enjoys most mediums. Printmaking is on her to-do list!

2022 MAG Annual Show Award Recipient

2022 Liz Frog  Frog in a Selma Pond.jpg

Frog in Selma Pond, Mixed media on paper

First Place and Merchant Award

2022 Liz  January Morning at the Duck Pond.jpg

January Morning at the Duck Pond, Mixed media 

3rd Place

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