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Cindy Norrick Turner

Cindy Norrick Turner is a watercolor artist from rural Delaware County in Indiana. Norrick Turner’s paintings have been exhibited in juried local, state, regional, national, and international shows, where she has won numerous awards. 


Norrick Turner has studied under some of the best watercolorists in the United States, including Marilynn Derwenskus, John Salminen, Barbara Nechis, Susan Tregay, and Soon Y Warren. Although Norrick Turner painted in the representational style for many years, a watercolor workshop with Marilynn Derwenskus opened her mind to the possibility of painting abstracts. She later took another workshop with Derwenskus and then a daylong session with Beverly Mathis. At this time, Norrick Turner began studying the abstract expressionist works of Wassily Kandinsky and many of his followers. As Norrick Turner experimented with increasingly non-representational abstract paintings, she also learned the methods of John Salminen. Because of all these influences and her training in Visual Communications, her painting style resembles that of the early 20th-century abstract formalists. She is interested in pushing the boundaries of watercolor into pure non-representational compositions where color, texture, and shape engage the viewer’s imagination. 


Norrick Turner has served on several watercolor boards and was chair of a workshop committee that involved bringing in some of the best watercolorists in North America to provide workshops at the Watercolor Society of Indiana. She also served as the Indiana Representative for the International Watercolor Society. She is a member of the Watercolor Society of Indiana, the Muncie Artist Guild, the Indiana Artists Club, the International Watercolor Society, and the National Watercolor Society.  



Instagram:  Cindy Norrick Turner, Fine Arts 

Facebook:  Cindy Norrick Turner, Fine Arts 


Modern Pegasus, Watercolor, 29" x 20.5"

Cindy Turner Web2.jpg

Conflict Resolution, Watercolor, 30" x 22"

2023 MAG Annual Show Award Recipient

C Norrick Turner Architectural Chairs Mixed Media.JPG

Architectural Chairs, Mixed Media

Honorary Mention, Theme Category: If This Chair Could Talk.

Recipient of a Merchant Award from Massage Therapy Associates of Muncie.

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