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Brenda Click

Brenda Click is a retired English teacher and media specialist.  She received her M.A. and B.A. degrees (both in English) from Ball State University. After earning her degrees and teaching for a few years, Click joined the navy and served for five years.  Later she returned to her home state of Indiana and to teaching.

She enjoys spending time with her family, especially having conversations, and traveling.  She also shares with her sons a love of the arts. Click has been a lifelong advocate for art and its significance both in school and in life.  Since retirement, she has devoted more time to art by taking classes and workshops in drawing and acrylic painting. She is especially interested in portrait painting and drawing.


When not painting or drawing, she enjoys writing poetry and short stories, reading, playing guitar, yoga, and walking.

Page B Click   Tree, Acrylic on Canvas Panel, Madison County.jpg

Tree in McCullough Park, Acrylic.

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