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Anita Jones

I consider myself a contemporary surrealist. I like to work with colored Prismacolor pencils and ink on colored grounds. I often juxtaposition elements, experiment with planes and shapes. Most often there are natural elements in my work…plants…water… small insects….and almost all my work will have a moon or sun or planet in the images.


I have a B.S. and an M.A., in art education from Ball State University and I taught art at the elementary and high school levels for 23 years at Liberty Perry Schools. I received a fellowship from the Council on Basic Education, funded by the National Endowment for the arts and the Getty Foundation, and was an art educator delegate to China with 12 other National educators to visit several schools and universities in 3 major Chinese cities.

I was also a fellow for the Indiana Writing Project and a writing consultant for our school in writing across the curriculum. Other awards; several Bell Education awards, the National Wildlife Federation grant, and Ball State Alumni’s innovative teaching award.


Currently, I’m writing and illustrating and exhibiting my new work.

Jones  Childhood Memories 16x16 Prismacolor and Ink, AJJones.jpg

Childhood memories, 16" x 16" Prismacolor and Ink

Jones  Alpha & Omega 19 x 26 Prismacolor and Ink, AJJones (1).jpg

Alpha & Omega

19" x 26" Prismacolor and Ink

2022 MAG Annual Show Award Recipient

2022 A Jones Pizza King Calling.jpg

Pizza King Calling

3rd Place, watercolor and Prismacolor on paper.  

2021 MAG Annual Show Award Recipient

Jones MAGA first place drawing 2021, 21x28, Jazz man, Prismacolor and Ink .jpg

The Music Man

1st Place Drawing 

Jones Dreamscape 11x14 Prismacolor, Honorable Mention MAG.jpg
Jones  Pull The Drapes Back on 2020 copy 3.jpg

Pulling the Curtain Back

2nd Place Drawing 

Dream Scape

Honorable Mention Drawing 

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