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Alex Franklin

Ever since I was a young child, I’ve always wanted to make things for others to see.  I remember turning my dad’s garage one day into an art gallery for my watercolor paintings.  Fast forward a decade or two I started to play with acrylic paints given to me as a gift from a friend one evening in my dorm room and kind of took off from there!

I enjoy spending time outside and in the warmer days of the year, I can be found walking on different nature trails around the state.  I take pictures and then paint them later on in my home studio.  I also enjoy plein air painting!

I am heavily inspired by Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gough, and Bob Ross.

I try and experiment with all kinds of mediums and styles of art from sculpting with polymer clay to painting portraits; however, my artistic medium of choice is always reliable acrylic paints on canvas!

I run a website: where my art pieces can be viewed and I can be commissioned for custom pieces!

Alex  Peaceful River.jpg
Peaceful River, Acrylic, 11" x 22"
Alex  African Sunset.jpg
African Sunset, Acrylic, 11" x 22"
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